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About Us

World Class suppliers By 2024

WEM” company was established in 2004 with the aim of improving the quality of domestic food industry products, creating jobs and introducing Iranian tastes in global markets.Since 2017 WEM established Tehran Direct Distribution  LALEH SORKH MIHAN Co. whose mission is to distribute WEM holding brands and some other suppliers productions all across Tehran province. Also since 2018 WEM holding started manufacturing its own tuna fish brand Galaxy and since beginning of 2020 started manufacturing its own Instant Coffee Mix(Espresso,3in1 Classic, 2in1 Sugar Free, Cappuccino), Hot Chocolate . In 2023 it started producing Instant Tea( with Cardamom, Ginger and Masala spices ) under the Tim’s brand

As the owner started their business in Tehran Grand Bazar, he succeeded creating robust connections inside Bazaar. Nowadays WEM can launch every product without hesitation and with lowest possible cost, time & risk (one of the biggest problems of companies in Iran).


The largest FMCG Production, Sales & Distribution Company in Iran in terms of volume


Enrich Beloved Iranians Lives Via Providing & Easing Access to High Quality Food & Healthcare products.


Provide World Class Production, Sales & Distribution Solutions all across Iran.

Our Brands

Tim's Coffee

Good Idea Start's with Tim's Coffee

Using unique technology, Tim’s brand is one of the largest coffee factories in Iran, which started installing its machines in 2018 and after trial production in 2019 in the laboratory, mass production of instant coffee in 2020. (Coffee Mix, Cappuccino) and Hot chocolate in the country…

Tim's Instant Mixed Tea

Indian Tea and 100% natural Spices

Instant tea is ready to be consumed in less than 1 minute without the need of brewing and just by adding it to the beer, also due to the type of packaging and long shelf life, it is the best alternative to brewed tea. Tim’s Instant Tea in cardamom, ginger and masala flavors are produced from authentic Indian tea and natural spices and sold in 20-packs.

Galaxy Tuna Fish

In different flavors of Dill, Pepper, in Olive Oil and Smoky

Tuna has additives depending on the type, such as vegetables, sauces and spices. Regarding the preservatives that can be added to it, the Galaxy does not use chemical preservatives at all and the required amount of salt in it is also used as a preservative. Galaxy tuna in different flavors of Dill, Red Pepper in Vegetable Oil ,Olive Oil and Smoky Flavor Produced and marketed …

Benton Tuna Fish

Contains Marlin Fish meat

There are different types of tuna with different characteristics that you can use whichever you want according to your taste. Tuna differs in color, taste, and temperament. Some of them have darker colors, which some may consider bad, but the dark color in some fish does not mean that the fish is bad, but it means that the fish that have a darker color have a warm nature.

Niyayesh Tuna Fish

Contains Yellowfin or Longtail tuna

There are many benefits to eating canned tuna in your weekly diet. Tuna is a cheap source of protein, and its long shelf life and long-term non-spoilage is another positive point to consider. If you are looking to lose weight at home without diet and exercise, eating tuna will be a good option for you.

Official importer of Super Max

Wem company has an official license to import from the Super Max brand, a producer of disposable Razors, has been able to carry out extensive activities in the field of wholesale import and distribution over the years by gaining the trust of its customers. It is hoped that we will be able to serve our dear consumers more in this way.

Some of our customers ...

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